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When people are in back or neck pain, their first thought is to call a chiropractor. They obviously want to know how chiropractic care can help them. Having your spine manipulated can be scary, but not if you’ve been educated by your Plymouth Chiropractic Center and you know exactly what your treatment consists of.

Spinal adjustment is a major part of any chiropractic treatment and, and it works exactly the way it sounds. A chiropractor primarily uses a hands-on technique that manipulates and adjusts certain bones and tissues. Gapping is a type of chiropractic manipulation, that is when air is gently forced out of the spinal joints. Chiropractors find manipulation to be useful in many different types of injuries and conditions caused by everyday life. Although spinal manipulation is the most common treatment done by chiropractors, it’s definitely not the only one!

Deep tissue massage and trigger point therapy are also common treatments that chiropractors use

These treatments work by going deep into the tissue in order to calm and repair. Chiropractors also use Physiotherapy modalities to treat pain or various injuries. These treatments often consist of ultrasounds to identify and resolve problems and in some instances, electrical stimulation can be used as well.

Plymouth Chiropractic care does not always involve hands-on treatment

Chiropractors are categorized as alternative medicine. Therefore, chiropractors will use other treatments such as stress therapy, nutritional coaching and herbal type therapy for patient treatment. It’s important to focus on preventative treatments in order to educate the patient on how to property take care of their body so that there isn’t a recurrence of the injury and the related discomfort.

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